Another day at work

Well another day another dollare, almost literally.  I am spending lunch this day at Foxconn adding another post and contemplating my future.  I currently am debugging and repairing PC Motherboards and really do enjoy it.  I am a temporary and being known as a temp has it down sides but we push onward.  I am hoping to be offered a contract position in a week or 2 which would give me 60% more cash while working 50% less hours now that is a choice I can get into.  I’ll update when I know more.  School is going well I need about a 60 on the final to insure an A in my mangement class.  in a couple weeks begin business law and project management which should play in well witht the job I may be offered, things are looking up. 

On another note my sister just sent me a piece of flute music, I will work it up and perhaps post here. 

Well thats all for now, be happy